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docterminus asked: do you have any advice for starting to read tarot cards?



Well first off, if you’ve dropped $15+ bucks for a tarot deck (I assume $15+ because that’s the general minimum price) I hope you’re potentially willing to spend three (3) dollars more. Smartphone, Kindle, or iPad required. Sorry, kiddos. 

This is because I’m going to recommend to you the greatest eBook of all time if you’re a newbie tarot reader. I have been reading for two years and I wish I had this when I first started because it would’ve saved me a lot of flipping through LWBs (Little White Books) or knowing the page system of Biddy Tarot so well you just needed to edit a portion of the URL to get to where you needed to go. 

This book is Six Short Stories: Learn Tarot In A Day. You can find this beautiful creature for the kindle or android here. If you have an iPhone/iPad/iTouch, download iBooks and look it up in the store under the same name.

Saying you’ll learn tarot in a day is honestly an underestimation. I learned all 78 cards in like, 5 hours of practice. It’s literally that fucking good. 

What the author did is wrote the meaning of the tarot cards as a journey—taking inspiration from The Fool’s Journey, he did one for each of the suites and then the court cards in a clever little story titled Court Cafe (I think). Throughout the journey of each suit are the meanings of the cards told as a tale (followed by the number of the card in question), and at the end of the story, He lists the keywords just to cement it. He also suggests to sort out your deck and go through it in order as you read the tale to help you connect it memory-wise. 

This ebook will change your life if you truly pay attention and keep practicing. Soon you’ll have keywords ready in your head and think of their place in the journey like a professional reader and can start assigning your own meanings to your deck as your intuition notices certain constants. Personally, my own intuition tells me that the cards that are traditionally “negative” (The Devil, The Tower, Ten of Swords, etc) aren’t inherently negative, but meant as a warning for the questioner to keep an eye out for certain things. Likewise, I think of The Lovers as a warning not to rush ahead into a relationship and to take things slow (comparing to Romeo and Juliet). 

Even if you’re an expert, seriously, spend the three dollars on this book. It’s good for practice and cements the original meanings in your head so you can compare it to your own meanings. 

Presuming you get this book straight off, keep doing readings only for yourself for a while to get the hang of tapping into your intuition instead of just knowing the meanings. Never be afraid to ask for second opinions: I’m always here and frequently give my opinion unasked (sorry if it annoys some of you, it’s just in my nature to try and help out). I know queenofchalices and constantine-spiritworker are open to giving help too when it comes to newbies (sorry for putting you on the spot but I know it’s true so). 

Long story short?? Buy the book if and when you can, and it’ll be the best $3.00 you’ve ever spent on something tarot-related. Guaranteed.

this is good, too! also if you don’t have an iPhone, a kindle or other tablet, you can use amazon’s kindle app for your PC or Mac.